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US Task Force recommends against scoliosis screening

The USPSTF has composed a draft statement recommending that idiopathic scoliosis screening (routine screening to look for scoliosis) be discontinued for children 10-18 years. This draft has been published solely for the purpose of receiving public input. That’s us. So let’s begin. Important: this draft statement is open to public input through June 26, 2017, […]


Really Living with Scoliosis

This is a campaign we started about a year ago. We’ve been collecting pictures of people and their super-capable spines to promote a positive scoliosis campaign. That Yes, with scoliosis you can Really Live. You can have a full life, you don’t have to live in fear that pain will take your life away. Yes, […]

Karena Thek Pilates Style Magazine

Pilates Style Magazine Features Scolio-Pilates

‘A Solution for Scoliosis‘ Pilates Style Magazine features Scolio-Pilates® in “A Solution for Scoliosis!” Get started today with an easy-to-follow introduction to Scolio-Pilates®. You can begin at home. And you can begin now. The article is rich in detail and direction. Not to mention it features Gus T Scolio-Puppy on the article’s lead page. Because he’s refined… […]

Take a Peek! Excerpts to Scolio-Pilates Videos

Take a Peek! Free Excerpts to Scolio-Pilates Exercise Videos We’re excited, but really nervous too! Today we introduce full-length Scolio-Pilates videos. Just below, you’ll find 3 free 10-minute excerpts to all our 3 new videos. Want the full-length video? The links are on the videos and here.  We’re excited!   INTRO: C-Curve Scolio-Class INTRO: 4-Curve Scolio-Class INTRO: […]

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What is 3 or 4 (S) Curve Scoliosis?

Hi, Everyone! We spent some time in the studio today to answer, “What is an S-Curve Scoliosis?”  And the question that always follows is: “What is this 3 and 4-Curve Scoliosis that you talk about all the time?” Great questions. An S-Curve is a 3-Curve and an S-Curve is a 4-Curve. Doctors use the term […]

Muscle Imbalances and Scoliosis

Side Bends and Scoliosis

Side bends (called Mermaids in Pilates) and scoliosis go hand-in-hand. It makes perfect sense doesn’t it? If your spine is side-bending in one direction it makes perfect sense to try to side bend the spine in the other direction. There’s one basic problem with that assumption… a scoliosis doesn’t like to move out of its […]