Energy Medicine

Fact: Anytime your body takes an action, muscularly or neurologically, there is an electric current causing that change.

An idea unaccepted by science at the beginning of the 20th century, but an idea so accepted now that we measure the body’s electricity to diagnosis and heal.  Ever had an electrocardiogram or ECG?  The ECG measures the heart’s electric pulses to determine if there is a problem.  Ever had electric stimulation in physical therapy? That’s an electric charge used to stimulate activity to an area of the body where the electric pulse may have become quiet due to injury. Restore the electric current and you restore health.

Fact: Anyplace there is an electric current, physiologically there is a resultant magnetic field.

A bit of science that has MEG’s (magnetoencephalograms) being used in place of EEG’s to study the brain’s magnetic fields.  Interestingly, the magnetic fields are able to pass through the tissue of the brain to the outside of the body undistorted for easier analysis, not the case when using the brain’s electrical current for diagnosis. In other magnetics, have you heard of an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)?

So what?

Yeah, I heard you. Big words.  Little meaning.  Not so fast, Cowboy. The results of this work have implication in everything you do, especially healing.  If the body’s magnetic fields are :

  • Arriving outside your body undisturbed, and
  • We can see where a physical or neurological problem is through the analysis of those fields, then
  • Healing becomes a matter of manipulating those magnetic fields to create health.
Doctors prescribe magnet therapy for injuries that won't heal (pulsed electric magnetic field therapy), for example.  But what about in terms of all forms of alternative therapy? If the goal is to manipulate the magnetic field then there becomes more than one way to do that.  James Oschman, PhD, has found the same magnetic field manipulation possible with many forms of healing; it doesn't matter if it is massage, acupuncture, surgery, physical therapy or Pilates . All are manipulating the magnetic field. 

Poses the question of which therapy is most effective? Well, it would be the one, that for you, creates the most change in the magnetic field. 

 I'll leave you with this thought: The heart has the strongest electric current/field in the body and therefore the strongest magnetic field reaching outside the body.  While the electric field cannot be measured away from the body, the magnetic field can.  The heart's magnetic field can be measured up to 15 feet away. Scientists assume that when their instruments become more sensitive that it will be considerably farther than that. Ever wonder why you can feel someone across a room?  Across a city? A country?  Ever wonder why coincidences can be so strong?  Yeah, I think that might be why.
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Energy Medicine

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