Muscle Imbalances and Scoliosis

Muscle imbalances and scoliosis go hand-in-hand. For scoliosis, exercise often aims at making tight muscles more flexible and weak muscles stronger. However, this approach is simplistic and does not take into account the complexity of the changes that occur with scoliosis. The study presented here is a collection of data from all Authorized Scolio-Pilates Practitioners working

Scoliosis Exercise Classes

What is Scoliosis “not”?

Technically and in medical terms, scoliosis is a deformity of the spine. But that doesn't mean I'm deformed. Sometimes it's easier to define a thing by what it is "not".

How To Spot Scoliosis

How To Spot Scoliosis: Using a scoliometer

Wondering How to Spot Scoliosis? You are not alone. Whether you are a parent keeping an eye on your child, or an adult checking for her own scoliosis, there are some tools you'll want to learn how to use.

How do you see Scoliosis?

My client's response to seeing her own spine for the first time was, "I couldn't believe that that was in me. I was horrified. And scared."  My response to seeing her spine for the first time was the complete opposite.

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Karena Thek has helped many dancers with patellofemoral syndrome

Exercises for Patellofemoral Syndrome

I had a new client start recently: a professional ballet dancer complaining of pain on the inside of her right knee that was worse with jumping