Becoming a Scolio-Pilates® Practitioner

Your help is needed. Join us in helping this under-served population of those living with scoliosis.

Karena Thek, founder of Scolio-Pilates

What is the process for becoming an Authorized Scolio-Pilates Practitioner ?

There is a specific course flow that must be followed as you work your way towards becoming a practitioner. The three courses are as follows:

  • Module I: Anatomy of Scoliosis and Introduction to Scolio-Pilates Exercises
  • Module II: Scolio-Pilates Professional Seminar:Assessment and 3-dimensional exercise for scoliosis
  • Module III: Scolio-Pilates Mentorship. The Mentorship begins with an in-depth review of the elements of assessment and how to properly correct a scoliosis spine towards neutral in the 3-dimensional scoliosis exercise environment. We move forward with breathing techniques, an understanding of the fascia and how we can address the fascia of scoliosis successfully for the best opportunity for change. The course is rounded out with practice assessments and programming with live models with scoliosis.

You can find the course layout here: PDF: ScolioPilates_Course_Flow

Let's get started! Register for Modules 1 and 2 here

Can anyone become a Scolio-Pilates Practitioner?

Anyone who is  a professional in their field of exercise, therapeutic exercise or exercise science can become an Authorized Scolio-Pilates Practitioner. Pilates Instructors, Massage Therapists, MyoFascial therapists and Physical Therapists are just some of the acceptable professions. If you are a professional in some other form of movement or health management techniques, please just ask us! Email Karena.

What is the case study requirement?

Once you have completed Modules I and II, a case study is required as part of your application to the Scolio-Pilates Mentorship. The case study is a very thorough report of the work you performed with one scoliosis client/patient. You will see this client for 10 visits and report, in detail, on the exercises or other modalities performed, progress you made, questions you have, and where you want to go next with this client. Once you register for the Scolio-Pilates Mentorship, you will be sent a sample case study. You can use this case study as a model to complete your own case study.

What are the benefits to being a Scolio-Pilates Practitioner?

There are many. Just to name a few, you will be part of an active private Facebook group of practitioners where you can ask questions of Karena or the other practitioners to help you when you run into questions or need advice with clients or patients. You will be part of a quarterly online meeting to refresh your knowledge and skills of scoliosis and Scolio-Pilates. You will be invited to assist at workshops and Mentorships and eventually you may even be eligible to teach the  Anatomy of Scoliosis Preparatory Scolio-Pilates Course.

From a business perspective, this is a very under-served population. For several of our practitioners, once they begin seeing scoliosis client, it becomes the biggest percentage of their clientele. We need more practitioners with a passion for serving this under-served population!

Our before and after gallery represents real Scolio-Pilates students that are standing or seated without their corrections and with their corrections.

KarenaBecoming a Scolio-Pilates® Practitioner