Become a Scolio-Pilates® Practitioner: 4 Steps

Your help is needed. Join us in helping this under-served population of those living with scoliosis. It’s rewarding, it’s complex, it’s just the challenge you’ve been looking for.

Karena Thek, founder of Scolio-Pilates

STEP ONE: Scolio-Pilates Module 1

Scolio-Pilates Module 1 is the first course towards becoming an Authorized Scolio-Pilates Practitioner. While the course content is geared towards the professional, all are welcome to take this course. You will learn:

  • What is scoliosis? Who it affects and its effects on the systems of the body.
  • Experience scoliosis! What does it feel like to exercise with scoliosis. Now you’ll know!
  • Anatomy of Scoliosis
  • Understanding functional versus structural scoliosis
  • Defining the convexities and concavities
  • Theories and laws of movement that apply to scoliosis
  • The first level of exercises for scoliosis

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Thank you so much! The course was great and will have an immediate impact on my practice. I’m eager to do the next module!  – JL

Thank-you for your great, incisive teaching. – AH

Karena, it was terrific! – FJ

Thank you so much for yesterday’s class. It was great!  And it was also refreshing to do something so positive during this crazy time. – PW 

STEP TWO: Scolio-Pilates Module 2

Scolio-Pilates Module 2 is the second course that all students take towards becoming an Authorized Scolio-Pilates Practitioner. While the course content is geared towards the professional, all are welcome to take this course. You will learn:

  • To define the curves of scoliosis (3, 4 and thoraco-lumbar curves).
  • Scoliosis specific corrections and scoliosis specific exercises to aid us in bringing our clients towards a more balanced system
  • Corrections towards neutral in the basic positions of prone, supine, side-lying, seated and standing.
  • How to use the Scolio-Wedges to assist your scoliosis client towards a more neutral positioning.

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Karena, I just want to thank you for all of the work you have done, and continue to do. I do not personally have scoliosis, but I have worked with many clients over the years that do. Your work and information has educated me in a way that allows me to give my clients an appreciation for their bodies, belief that change is possible, and an improvement in their day to day quality of life. Thank you so much.  – SC

STEP THREE: Your Scolio-Pilates Case Study

The Scolio-Pilates case study is an in-depth project to let us know what you have learned about Scolio-Pilates thus far and where your questions still exist.  Here are some things that will be included in your case study.

  • Your client’s scoliosis history and experiences,
  • A thorough description of 10 visits with your scoliosis client; everything from how your client felt during each visit to the exercises you chose and why.
  • Photos and/or drawings that support your work
  • Questions that have come up as you work with your client

You will receive a complete sample case study when you pre-register for the Scolio-Pilates Mentorship. Register Now.

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I know it’s because I have been working with a lot of scoliosis clients but things really clicked and made even more sense. You were super clear. I believe the one good thing about the zoom platform is that we must be very detailed in how we do things so that it comes through clearly and you did that very well.  Thank you again. I am grateful to be given the opportunity to continue to increase my knowledge of Scolio-Pilates.   – JA

STEP FOUR: The Scolio-Pilates Mentorship

The Scolio-Pilates Mentorship is 4 days, 24 hours, of Scolio-Pilates in-depth instruction. Together, we will take these next steps:

  • Review the positioning and wedging techniques from Module 2 while adding to your understanding with more details about how we can encourage the scoliosis spine towards a more neutral patterning.
  • Understand the breathing techniques that can be applied to your scoliosis clients as they are either resting or active to open up the space of the lungs to encourage healthy pulmonary function.
  • Take a deeper look at how the connective tissue is impacted by scoliosis and also, how the scoliosis is impacted by the connective tissue. We will learn how to best have these two systems work together instead of in opposition.
  • Work with scoliosis models to help assist your understanding of assessment as well as exercise and wedging application.

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Can anyone be a Scolio-Pilates Practitioner?

While anyone is welcome to participate in Modules 1 and 2, the Scolio-Pilates Mentorship is exclusively for professionals in the field of movement and exercise. We accept Pilates instructors, physical therapists, kinesiologists, yoga instructors, massage therapists, personal trainers and more. If you are not a movement professional, you can become one! Research what it takes to become a professional Pilates instructor or other profession. If you are a exericse/movement professional and your profession is not listed here, please just ask us about joining the Mentorship. Email us.  

What are the benefits to being a Scolio-Pilates Practitioner?

  • Web presence. You’ll be listed on the Scolio-Pilates website as an Authorized Practitioner.
  • New Clientele. Many practitioners have converted their business to primarily helping those with scoliosis.
  • Invited. You’ll be invited to quarterly meetings for Scolio-Pilates practitioners where we discuss and learn among ourselves and guest professionals.
  • Assist. Attend Scolio-Pilates Modules 1 and 2 free of charge and assist the Master Instructor where needed. You’ll also receive the continuing education credits for participating in this course again.
Become a Scolio-Pilates® Practitioner: 4 Steps