Enhancement Webinars

For professional or personal development, these enhancement webinars will allow you to grow your knowledge, your skills and your scoliosis exercise toolbox. With additional insights from specialists, strategies that have been tested, and the exercises that will have you or your clients moving with more efficiency and ease, these webinars are your resource for continuous learning.

Scoliosis & Children/Teens

Feb 28th, 11-1:30pm (MT) with Patti Green

Join us live or watch the recording

This Scolio-Pilates Enhancement Webinar builds your knowledge base and exercise toolbox for working with children and teens with scoliosis.

Your course instructor, Patti Green, works closely with Phoenix Children’s Hospital, in Phoenix, Arizona, and works with their children and teen patients throughout their scoliosis journey.

Whether a child is in an observation or bracing phase of their medical treatment, or whether a child is preparing or recovering from a scoliosis fusion surgery, Patti is there helping the child and family manage the questions while lengthening and strengthening the child’s scoliosis alignment.

If you are wondering how to manage the children in your practice or if you have questions about the steps to take for your child, join Patti. Patti is an open book of knowledge and will share the most effective practices, knowledge, and exercises for children and teens with scoliosis.

Scoliosis & Dancers

Postponed, date TBD

Scoliosis and Dancers is an introductory course to bring awareness of scoliosis to the dance community. Scoliosis is a complex three-dimensional deformity of the spine. Studies have indicated that up to 30% of dancers tested have scoliosis, yet the issues associated with scoliosis are rarely addressed in the dance world. The demands of dance require an extreme range of movement, placing more stress on a body that is already challenged structurally.

Understanding the inherent structural and muscular imbalances of scoliosis is imperative for medical professionals, teachers, and dancers with scoliosis to make effective choices and create strategies for the life-long management of scoliosis. Scoliosis and Dancers provides scoliosis-specific exercises with dance-specific cues to build a foundation of core control with neuromuscular integration necessary to combat the compensatory patterns caused by scoliosis.

Scoliosis & Breathing

Pre-Recorded with Karena Thek, Founder of Scolio-Pilates®

Scoliosis affects breathing and breathing affects scoliosis. It can be for the better, and unfortunately, also for the worse. With scoliosis, the diaphragm will fill into the misaligned spaces of the thorax that the scoliosis has created and further encourage misalignment: a vicious cycle. If we can learn to realign the spine, then the diaphragm will have more room to move, strengthen, and stabilize. We begin with making meaningful changes for scoliosis from the inside out. Learn more in our pre-recorded webinar.

Enhancement Webinars