What is Scolio-Pilates?

Scolio-Pilates® is a three-dimensional scoliosis-specific exercise program that will put you in control of your scoliosis. It is an easy and accessible scoliosis exercise program for managing scoliosis at home or in a professional setting.

With Scolio-Pilates, you will learn a tailored program for managing your scoliosis using these techniques:

  • Elongate: Lengthen the spine towards neutral.
  • Corrective Breathing Techniques: Open up areas of the ribs and lungs that are constrained due to the scoliosis.
  • Correct the rotation: Using wedges to assist the spine towards neutral.
  • Strengthening: Maintain alignment and gain ease of movement to increase function in all your life’s passions.

With Scolio-Pilates, you will learn and practice exercises that you will use in your everyday life. Benefits of Scolio-Pilates may include:

  • Improved postural awareness
  • Pain reduction
  • Improved symmetry of tissues
  • Improved endurance and tolerance of activities
  • Improved breathing capacity
  • Improved strength and flexibility
  • Pro-active management during your scoliosis journey (non-fusion/brace/fusion)

Scolio-Pilates is an evidence-based program to help you manage your scoliosis using a holistic full-body approach to alignment and strengthening. Scolio-Pilates will give you the tools to alleviate pain, and facilitate proper movement for a better quality of life.

It all begins with signing up and taking control. See all our program options!

What is Scolio-Pilates?