Our Scolio-Pilates Program

There are many ways you can help yourself and take control of your scoliosis with Scolio-Pilates®, our scoliosis specific exercise program. We know you are stronger than your scoliosis, and we are here to help you prove it.

One-on-One with a practitioner

Learn the corrections for your specific curve with one-on-one classes with a practitioner to help you have your very best scoliosis life. Can’t find a practitioner nearby? No worries, we all work virtually! Find your Scolio-Pilates practitioner here.

On Demand

With Scolio-Pilates On Demand, you will have access to live classes every Thursday at 3 pm ET (New York, USA), and you will get a chance to ask Karena your questions live at the end of each class. Can’t make it live? The recording of the live class will be added to your library, along with over 100 additional classes. Learn more about Scolio-Pilates On Demand here.


Scolio-Pilates Camp is waiting for you! Teens and adults take control of your scoliosis and come together with others with scoliosis. Join us for 3 days to strengthen and celebrate your beautiful, curvy spine. You’ll enjoy the camaraderie of getting to know others with scoliosis, and, in addition, this camp will jump-start your success to a new level. It’s a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of rewards, not to mention all the bonuses you will be going home with to ensure your at-home success! New dates coming soon. Join our waitlist and be notified when our new dates are available.

Want more? Be an advocate and become a Scolio-Pilates practitioner

Look into becoming a Scolio-Pilates Practitioner. As you know, more help is needed in your community!

Our Scolio-Pilates Program