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Scolio-Pilates is thrilled to introduce this information-packed, evidence-based course that is your first step to taking control of your scoliosis.

Video On Demand

On Demand Scoliosis Exercise Videos: FAQs

Learn more about why two free weeks to an online scoliosis-specific exercise program is the best way to take control of your scoliosis today.

Scolio-Pilates Scoliosis Awareness Month

Use your words, pictures, professional skills, and even your magic beans to make scoliosis more visible. Your message could be the catalyst to change the life of one person living with scoliosis. They, like you, could be living with less pain, more joy, and infinite possibility.

Scolio-Pilates Cool Down: Restore your spine after exercise

You did it! You conquered the hike, the river, the shopping, the garden, the dragon, and even the outing with family and friends. Wheeewww! You did good. It’s time to reward  your spine for hanging in there with you The video demonstrates a quick way to ease the spine to length. When we are active,

Scolio-Pilates Warm-UP: Reset your spine before exercise

It’s time to do whatever you love to do. Are you heading out for a swim? A kayak? Planting the next most amazing plant in the garden? Whatever you are getting ready to do, get ready to ease your back into it first. Don’t rush in and surprise your spine with a bunch of crazy


Thank you for being a part of the Scolio-Pilates community throughout the inspirations and, hopefully not too frequent, consternations of 2021. One thing we have learned together for certain is that we can be grateful for all that our artistically talented scoliosis spines do for us and, in return, all that we can do for

Scolio-Pilates clients and practitioners

Building Your Scoliosis Tribe: Your 3C’s

There's a lot of synchronicity in life. It's common to the point of predictable. Therefore, most likely not happenstance but a refined web of community, comfort, and cooperation -- the 3C's. 

Scolio-Pilates Puppy

He's a famous puppy, this Gus. He has been an integral part of the Scolio-Pilates work from the very beginning. Besides being present to snuggle up to children with scoliosis, he is also my constant companion as we move forward with the Scolio-Pilates work. 

Sleep and scoliosis

How to Sleep with Scoliosis

It's a question we get a lot (A LOT). There's a great little demo video with a blog explanation to follow.

Free Recourses

Resources for the time we are in

Find your moment of joy, calm and strength with these resources from some of the world's best, during the Covid-19 crisis.

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Top 3 Gifts for Scoliosis

Are you still searching for the perfect gift? We have ideas to share with you! And some are absolutely free! We’ll start with inspirational gifts. These are the gifts that motivate us and keep us going! Next, we have educational gifts. When we understand a problem it’s so much easier to cope, manage and solve