K2 Therapeutic Wedge for Back Pain

Stretch, Move and Strengthen with the K2: 

  • Pelvic Plateau: Position and level the pelvis in neutral.
  • Spinal Slope: Gravity draws the curves into a straighter, more neutral position.
  • Leg Drop Ledge: Your legs drops off the ledge and your spine releases even more.
  • Scolio-Wedges: Apply Scolio-Wedges to move the spine towards neutral.
  • Scolio-Pilates exercises: Relax on the K2, then strengthen!
  • LOVE. Spine length with minimal effort. Love, love, love…

Need an extra pair of hands? Use K2 in your Pilates or Therapy practice to assist your client into elongation so that your hands are free for cueing.

Your K2 Wedge for Back Pain:
K2 for Back Pain and Scoliosis

KarenaK2 Therapeutic Wedge for Back Pain