Scolio-Wedges for Scoliosis Exercise

Use the Scolio-Wedges to place your spine in a more neutral position.

Why do we use Scolio-Wedges for scoliosis exercise?

With a scoliotic spine, the muscles that are too short and tight cannot fire because they are already contracted as much as they can possibly be (imagine a clenched fist).

The converse is also true, the muscles that are extended and too long are unable to fire adequately because they are too stretched (imagine trying to grasp a ball with your fingers stretched back).

The Scolio-Wedges and ‘Angles put the muscles where they need to be so that you can strengthen the muscles that will aid in correcting the curves of the spine. A complete description of how to use the ScolioWedges and ‘Angles can be found in Scolio-Pilates®.

See the Scolio-Wedges in Use

Core Exercises for Scoliosis

SPEAK! What clients and instructors have to say:

K2 with prone elongation with Scolio Wedge

Thanks so much for your problem solving designs and your innovative teaching!  The books, videos, workshops, and equipment have really helped so many clients in my practice already.

Gerolyn W Virginia

I do love your products. They are really helping my quality of life! Thank you so much!

Jill D Florida

Pilates Pillows for Scolio-Pilates and More! with Karena Thek

Thanks Karena! I’m so excited to get everything. Thanks for what you have done and helping make the industry a little bit better!!!

Dawn C Arizona

Scolio-Wedges Adult Pair Fleece

I have already got 4 of my students excited about doing the correctional work – as I worked with them this week with my own wedges. All 4 of them couldn’t believe how different and great they felt after doing just the breath work alone. They are so excited about having their own wedges and practicing at home on their own. So, I would like to be able to give them their wedges next week if at all possible (also, I need to get my wedges back from those I lent mine to!).

Kathy B California

Scolio-Wedges Adult Pair Fleece

I have referred my clients to buy their own [Scolio-Wedges] just to rest on, as it has helped so many people already!!  Love, love, love your product!!!  Thank you!

Dawn C Arizona

default image

Karena, You are inspiring and clearly an innovator. Thanks for your contribution to our industry, you are making a difference!!

Risa M Vancouver

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Scolio-Wedges for Scoliosis Exercise