Pilates Style Magazine Features Scolio-Pilates

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A Solution for Scoliosis

Pilates Style Magazine features Scolio-Pilates® in “A Solution for Scoliosis!” Get started today with an easy-to-follow introduction to Scolio-Pilates®. You can begin at home. And you can begin now. The article is rich in detail and direction. Not to mention it features Gus T Scolio-Puppy on the article’s lead page. Because he’s refined… and he matches the Ladder Barrel. Haha!

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A Solution for Scoliosis features:

  • 6 Exercises you can start using today.
  • Positioning the Props: Learn to use the Scolio-Gizmos.
  • Key Scoliosis No-No’s. Are you doing these? STOP!

Is A Solution for Scoliosis for YOU? Yes if…

  • You have scoliosis and you are an avid do-it-yourselfer. OR…
  • You are a Pilates Instructor looking for an introduction to help you work with the complexities of scoliosis.


  • You want to get started now with a step-by-step tutorial.

Ready to start? We thought so!

Just click on subscribe below. Pilates Style Magazine is even has given us this great discount to help you get started. Your discount code is PSKarena2016 for $20/digital subscription which is 50% off the newstand price. Pilates Style Magazine Features Scolio-Pilates.

Join us in celebrating all that you can do with scoliosis! Start by applying key exercises to strengthen your spine towards neutral and watch as your everyday life becomes more and more your own again. It’s time to start Really Living with Scoliosis!

Order your digital subscription here. 

WOW! It’s definitely time to get started!

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Pilates Style Magazine Features Scolio-Pilates