Take a Peek! Excerpts to Scolio-Pilates Videos

Take a Peek!

Free Excerpts to Scolio-Pilates Exercise Videos

We’re excited, but really nervous too! Today we introduce full-length Scolio-Pilates videos. Just below, you’ll find 3 free 10-minute excerpts to all our 3 new videos.

Want the full-length video? The links are on the videos and here.  We’re excited!

Purchase full-length videos here. 

INTRO: C-Curve Scolio-Class

INTRO: 4-Curve Scolio-Class

INTRO: 3-Curve Scolio-Class

We’re excited to share what we’ve been working on in these last few weeks: Our new Scolio-Classes! And we are really nervous to unveil our full-length classes for 3, 4 and C-Curve scoliosis; we really hope you like them! The first episodes of each of these three classes are excerpted here in your ten minute intros.

Take a Peek!

Take a peek with your free 10-minute intros to each video. The full-length videos are 30-minutes each.

Ready for the full video? Find them here! 
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Take a Peek! Excerpts to Scolio-Pilates Videos