Top 3 Gifts for Scoliosis

Are you still searching for the perfect gift? We have ideas to share with you! And some are absolutely free! We’ll start with inspirational gifts. These are the gifts that motivate us and keep us going! Next, we have educational gifts. When we understand a problem it’s so much easier to cope, manage and solve a problem. And lastly, we’ll share our ideas for a caring gift. These are probably the most important of all!

The Inspirational Gift for Scoliosis.

Feeling alone in a struggle is, well, lonely. Whether it’s scoliosis or some other challenge, we find inspirational stories to be exactly that: inspirational. And here are our favorite ways to be inspired.

  • See our social media feeds for amazing people with scoliosis!  We are constantly posting exercises being done by

    Inspirational Gifts! Follow us on Instagram to see pictures, like this one, of real people with scoliosis making real changes. Some of the most favorited posts are the videos that show real-time corrections from a resting scoliosis position to a more elongated and strengthened alignment.

    those who actually have scoliosis. See the exercises and see how those with scoliosis keep on moving and striving for their very best! Join us on Instagram: @Karena_Thek or on our Scolio-Pilates Facebook page.

  • Follow this blog. :
    Cherie, the founder of the blog, has written lots of inspirational articles. She understands the ups and downs of scoliosis but is ever-encouraging through it all. Her articles include, “10 Things to Remember if Your Partner Has Scoliosis”, “How Ballerina Paige Fraser Dances with Scoliosis“, and “How to Love Your Body with Scoliosis”. The gift of appreciating your body, your talents and your loved ones? That’s a great gift!

The Educational Gift for Scoliosis.

Sometimes, understanding a problem is half of the solution. When something is undefined or ill-defined, then everything seems scary. For me, scary equals anxiety and it takes a lot for me to step away from what I am sure is a bad situation that, in my  mind, can only get worse. What helps? Education. I collect data. The more information I have the more in control I feel. I’ve gotten so used to this process, that I now call this my “data collection phase”. So anytime I have something new to conquer I read and talk to the best people in the field and in general, just collect data. Sharing data resources with your loved one can help– a LOT.

Read this:

  • Read Scolio-Pilates, by yours truly. The book doesn’t just have exercises for scoliosis but an easy-to-read background on scoliosis–what it is, the history, the causes and a lot more.
  • Visit the Children’s Scoliosis Foundation:
  • Visit the National Scoliosis Foundation:

The Caring Gift for Scoliosis.

Scoliosis is a life-long condition. Whether your partner, daughter or son is currently managing their scoliosis with bracing, exercise or surgery (or all three), scoliosis will be with them for a life-time. If you are trying to find a gift for someone with scoliosis, just reminding them that you care and that you hear what they are saying can be the best gift of all.  Just the act of saying, “Well done, you!” can show that you haven’t forgotten that the things you do easily (walking, taking a bike ride, sitting in class, driving to a museum, standing at a concert), can on certain days be a very big challenge for your loved one with scoliosis. Here are a few gifts that show that you get it, that they have to work a little harder to get through a regular day.

  • Volunteer to take over some of their chores from time to time. Is it your loved one’s job to walk the dog tonight? Or
    K2 Spine Wedge

    The K2 and K2 spine wedges are a great way to passively elongate and rest the spine. When you are ready, you can add exercises!

    make dinner? Or pick up the kids? Saying something like, “It looks like you could use some down-time, let me do that today,” is not only a super-kind thing to say or do, you are earning massive amounts of brownie points!

  • Recognize that they need a little break. We created the K2 and K1 spine wedges to give the spine a break. It’s a passive elongation tool — no work required, just a nice rest for the spine. Of course, exercises can be added later, but the wedge is created for both: rest and when ready, exercise. And don’t just take our word for it, The Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida is using these wedges in the pain rehabilitation clinic. We’re over the moon about how many more people are getting relief for their spines now!

Three categories, lots of great gift ideas, and many are free! You could even put together an electronic care package for your loved one with all the online freebies. It’s going to be a treasured gift. Good job, you!

Top 3 Gifts for Scoliosis