Alive & Well Podcast with Dr Stuart McGill Part 1: Is stretching good for your sore back?

Want to know why stretching your sore and aching back might not be the answer to your back pain? Listen to Part 1 of 6 of this interview with Dr Stuart McGill on Alive & Well Podcast.

What better way to revive the Alive & Well show than with the brilliant Dr Stuart McGill, a kinesiologist specializing in spinal mechanics? I hosted the Alive & Well show, with Crystal Lacey Edwards, on KHTS AM1220 in Southern California for 5 years. We interviewed so many interesting people that have gone on to shape the work that I do now with scoliosis clients. Whether it’s breathing or nutrition advice, strengthening or hydrating advice, I know which experts to turn to and where to find them so that all of my clients will benefit. We spoke with Dinah Bradley, Christian Northrup, T. Colin Campbell, Rip Esselstyn, and so many more. Now that we are facing quarantine around the world, it’s  time to reach out again to the brilliant minds around the world for their insight and advice.

We begin our podcast series with Dr Stuart McGill, kinesiologist and spine mechanics expert. McGill is the author of 4 books: Low Back Disorders, Back Mechanic, Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance and the Gift of Injury. And you are about to learn that his books are just the tip of the iceberg in all the work that career embodies. Maybe you are a budding kinesiologist? Maybe you are hoping to learn more about your own back pain. This is your interview. In addition to learning about whether you should be stretching away your back pain, learn the background that led to this ongoing brilliant path that informs our current knowledge of caring for spine injury. And be sure to join us for even more wisdom from Stuart McGill by watching all parts of the interview: Parts 1-5.

KarenaAlive & Well Podcast with Dr Stuart McGill Part 1: Is stretching good for your sore back?