Alive & Well Podcast Dr Stuart McGill Part 2: Does a strong spine really mean less injury?

Does a stronger spine always prevent injury? Can a strong spine be a predictor of future back pain or pain-free living. The answer will surprise you! Listen to Part 2 of 6 of this interview with Dr Stuart McGill on Alive & Well Podcast.

Spine strengthening is something we focus on a lot in our Scolio-Pilates work. We are always looking for length and then following that new-found length with techniques that will allow us to hold the new posture and alignment. It’s not enough just to find a “pretty shape” to place our backs into, we need a reason to stay there–a reason for our spines to take us seriously about maintaining the longer more aligned shape of our spines. We can frequently on a first visit find an improved alignment for someone living with scoliosis, but what keeps the spine there?  Is it strength? Is it endurance? What is happening long-term to make these changes more sustainable? This portion of our interview with Dr McGill, along with the books by Dr McGill, continue to shape the choices we make for clients living with scoliosis. Look for Dr McGill’s books here.

Once you’ve watched the interview, think about your own back? What does your own back program look like? Are you focusing on strength without endurance? Does your job, like the surgeon in Dr McGill’s story, provide occupational fitness? What happens when you stop exercising or stop doing your job? Keep those thoughts in mind as you build your own program and we’re here to help. Just ask!

Thank you for watching and thank you for your support! We really appreciate it! You can see the first part in the series here. 

KarenaAlive & Well Podcast Dr Stuart McGill Part 2: Does a strong spine really mean less injury?