Alive & Well Podcast Dr Stuart McGill Part 3; Can I avoid back surgery?

Is all back surgery necessary? Are we able to avoid some back surgeries with the right exercise program?  You are going to love the answer! Listen to Part 3 of 6 of this interview with Dr Stuart McGill on Alive & Well Podcast for the answer!

Alive & Well Podcast presents an interview with Dr Stuart McGill, Part 3.  Dr. McGill is the author of Low Back Disorders, Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance, Back Mechanic and the Gift of Injury. In addition, he has performed the study to be able to answer the above question exactly!

Wow, I wish I had had this information before having my own spine surgery. I’m not sure that exercise would have been the answer, but I would have loved the opportunity to work with Dr McGill to see if maybe it was! After having back pain for quite a while, there was a final insult to spine–a sneeze, and well, you know how that goes… After that one sneeze, my right leg was rendered mostly useless and I tried (very hard) to put off the surgery. I tried exercise, I tried stretching, but I just wasn’t getting anywhere. I guess, I am glad I had the surgery, I can now use my right leg pretty well! But I sure would have loved the opportunity to have heard what Dr McGill would have said back then. My spine surgery gave me back the use of my leg (YAY!) and made my scoliosis a bit more unstable. So the pain from that instability became worse and worse. It has a silver lining though. I worked my way through that pain and eventually created Scolio-Pilates. I am happy to say that we have so many clients now who are living pain-free. It’s not just the clients that I work with, it’s also all the clients of our 50 practitioners. It’s exciting to be able to help. Let us know if we can help you! In the meantime, start with our free Scolio-Pilates Strong class here. 

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KarenaAlive & Well Podcast Dr Stuart McGill Part 3; Can I avoid back surgery?