Alive & Well Podcast with Dr Stuart McGill Part 5: The Gift of Injury



Does being injured or living in pain have a silver lining?

Those who look back on a period of pain in their life often say, yes, there is a silver lining and that silver lining can help to inspire those who are still in the middle of a difficult time. Dr. Stuart McGill shares why he wrote his fourth book: The Gift of Injury. Listen and be inspired!

I’ve dealt with my own back pain for many years in my life. Today, I can say that those days are mostly behind me with very few little moments of “Hm. There it is again.” In the past, the pain set in and I would never know how long it would last–and that was what drove my fear. I didn’t know if the pain would last for a day, a week or a couple of months. So just one day of back pain could really push me over the edge emotionally–not knowing when it would go away. Today, with the very specific and scientifically planned (as Dr Stuart McGill would say) approach to my own spine needs, I know the pain might last hours or a day at the most. But now, I’m the one in control. I can pretty much define why I have the pain, what will make it go away and how long I can expect for things to heal. It’s a very different scenario from before. It’s the known versus the unknown.

If you are living in pain, or if you are helping those living with pain, there is a lot of hope. There’s a lot of hope for scoliosis, for back pain, for getting your life back and moving forward. If you haven’t found the right answer for you yet, please let us know how we can help. And be sure to check out the entire interview with Dr Stuart McGill. 

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Alive & Well Podcast with Dr Stuart McGill Part 5: The Gift of Injury