Postive Results with ScolioPilates: “It’s like a shot of Oxygen!”

I get emails like this quite frequently and I thought I should probably stop keeping them to myself. So with permission from Pilates Instructor, Diane Mulholland, here is the email I received from her this morning. Thanks so much, Diane! By the way, Diane has been studying ScolioPilates through the book and webinars. She lives in London and as you know I am in SoCal. So I’m especially thrilled that the concepts have been shared so successfully virtually.

You can read more testimonials from our clients here.

Hey Karena,

You know how you always say that the first time you put someone on the wedges they will just fall in love with you and be so amazed with how different they feel, well, I kind of put that down to your enthusiasm for your subject – and now I’m eating humble pie.

I had the first session today with the lady who will be my case study, we did some measuring, and some elongation and breathing, and then I put her on her back and wedged her and got this…

“Wow. WOW. It’s like air can come in!”


“It’s like a shot of oxygen!”

There was much more of the same.

We were both nearly crying – she said she’s been telling doctors for years that she felt her chest was tight (she’s had chronic bronchitis for ever), and they just brushed it off.

She’s utterly thrilled, I’m thrilled, it’s going to be great fun working with her 🙂

I’ll send you full details later, but I wanted to share that with you!

See you Friday,

Diane xxx

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Postive Results with ScolioPilates: “It’s like a shot of Oxygen!”

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