Scoliosis Curves Reduced with ScolioPilates® Exercise

Curve reduction is not something I talk a lot about. There’s a good reason for that, we focus primarily on improving alignment to improve function. The result is reduced pain, more vitality, ease of movement and improvement in skill level in all our athletes from dancers to volleyball players, from swimmers to skiers. The change in curve is sometimes a secondary result. We do see scoliosis curves reduced with ScolioPilates® exercises but first we want to see you, feeling great.

Our latest curve reduction. This young lady showed a 6% decrease in curve in the high thoracic (mid-back) region and a 17% decrease in curve in the mid-low thoracic region. She worked hard. She spent 20-30 minutes a day for 4 months. And she continues working hard. It’s not easy. It’s just worth it.


The Blame-Game and Scoliosis

With some, curve reduction is possible with a three-dimensional exercise program, like Scolio-Pilates®. However, for others, the spine is going to do what the spine wants to do; and all the exercises in the world are not going to change “what it wants to do”. One of the best things I ever read online about scoliosis was from the Boston’s Children’s Hospital. They state “there is nothing you or your child did to cause his/her scoliosis. It seems so obvious to the outsider or the family that is not dealing with scoliosis. But for the parent or the newly diagnosed person with scoliosis, there’s almost always a bit of a blame-game that goes on. I think it is just part of our natural desire to search for answers. I remember interviewing someone once for my radio show; she was a breast cancer survivor. She said that maybe getting breast cancer was her fault. I said, “Really? How?” She said she didn’t have very good eating habits. I said, “Really? Like what were you eating?” She said, “Well, I used to eat yogurt that had a lot of sugar in it.”  “Really?! You think that did it?!” I gave her heck publicly and I think of her whenever I see someone grasping for reasons as to Why? Why do I (or my child) have scoliosis? It’s nothing you did wrong. I promise. Do not blame yourself, your child, your doctor, your basset hound, the sugar in the candy bar… Do not get sucked into the blame-game.

Yes, We Do See Curve Reduction

Returning to our topic, yes, we do see curve reduction. Why don’t we talk more about it? Because maybe it won’t be your spine that reverses its curve. And that would upset most people. Again, the blame-game would start. Should I have worked harder? Worked for more hours? The downward spiral would begin.

Listen, maybe, like me, you are meant to have a cute and curvy spine! Just because your curve doesn’t reduce doesn’t mean you are destined for a lifetime of discomfort or pain, that’s important to remember.

Almost all our clients see a reduction in pain levels. Honestly, that is what I most like to see. Curve reduction? That’s great but I’d most like to see your pain levels reduced and the two don’t always go hand-in-hand.

A Spine For Every Conceivable Adventure

I’d like to see your quality of life return, so that you can do whatever you want to do everyday. So that your spine can follow you on every conceivable adventure. I want you to you to feel more like you.

It’s miserable, I know first-hand, to have your scoliosis tell you who you are today. I’ve had plenty of days where my scoliosis told me that I was someone who lies in bed, or on the floor with the computer in my lap. I prefer the days where I get to tell my spine we are going for a one-mile ocean swim or a 6-mile hike or a 30-mile bike. Those are the great days. Since I started working with the concept of three-dimensional exercise, most of my days are great days. Sometimes my spine still tells me what to do, but mostly I tell it. We both like it better that way. My spine is a terrible boss. Horrible communication skills, abusive in fact.

Above is our latest curve reduction. Enjoy the pics. They are pretty fun. And they show that yes, it is possible to reduce curve. But remember what our goal is for you: You, getting to be the boss everyday, of a spine that follows you on every conceivable adventure.

Time For Honesty

But let me be very honest before I say good-bye. We love seeing curve reduction. Love, love, LOVE. Not because we think you need it to feel better. But because it makes what we do more “real” to the outside observer. To many, if we don’t have measurable results we have nothing. We have qualitative measurable results as we see pain levels reduce but to see a measurable quantitative result in terms of numbers and degrees of change? That makes an impact on a much bigger community.

Scoliosis Curves Reduced with ScolioPilates® Exercise

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Scoliosis Curves Reduced with ScolioPilates® Exercise

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