Should you exercise before having surgery?

We have been the #1 studio for helping clients/patients prepare for hip surgery this year.

Pre-surgery exercise: The Key to Quick Recovery

Pre-surgery exercise: The Key to Quick Recovery

We’ve helped three women prep for the surgery and now we have a fourth prepping to go in in a few weeks. I am impressed that so many are thinking about getting fit before surgery.  And I think you will be inspired by their results.

I had a client this morning, our third total hip replacement, who was back at Pilates for the first time today, post-surgery.  Her surgery was 8 weeks ago and the stories she shared with me are almost verbatim what our other clients have told us about their speedy recoveries from a quite invasive surgery.  I have listed quotes from their stories here for you. Be prepared to be amazed.

  • “My doctor said he has never seen anyone recover so quickly from a total hip replacement.”
  • “My physical therapist said she would show me how to get out of bed and I had already been back and forth to the bathroom just hours after surgery.”
  • “My physical therapist asked me to wait so she could tie the belt around my waist to keep me falling.  When she saw me maneuver my way to the walker she threw the belt down, saying: Guess we don’t need that!”
  • “My friends are mad because it took them many more months, if not a full year, to get where I am now.”
  • “I can’t believe what exercising has done for me to prepare me for the surgery.”
  • “The pain from the incision is nothing compared to the pain my hip was in before surgery. And with all the work I did pre-surgery I just feel amazing.”
  • “My doctor wants me to use my cane if only to remind me not to do anything crazy.” (4 weeks post hip surgery)

Great stories, huh?  Thought you’d like those.  These are just notes on hip surgery. If you are looking at going in for any type of surgery, I highly recommend working with someone who is familiar with pre-surgery protocols so that you can get back to living as soon as possible. Surgery is traumatic enough; don’t allow the recovery to be anything but a breeze.  Wishing you great health. K

KarenaShould you exercise before having surgery?

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