Scolio-Pilates – The Book


Three-dimensional exercise for scoliosis using Pilates principles.

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Complex Condition Made Simple

Thank you so much! I really love what you are doing with Scoliosis. As a physical therapist, this information is so valuable to me and my patients! You were also able to take (in my opinion) a complicated condition and make it understandable. I am very interested in your 4 curve scoliosis study with patterns of inhibition and facilitation, and then the fascial planes as well. Really appreciate all that you do!

Mary R ScolioPilates Book

Huge Help!

Your book, Scolio Pilates, has been a huge help for me in working with a client that has a 65% thoracic curve. Thank You!

Cindy K

Very Helpful

Thank you. Your book has been very helpful. I hope I will get the opportunity to do one of your training sessions.

Jeanne S

Helps Me In My Work As A Physical Therapist

As a physical therapist who uses the Pilates method in the treatment of scoliosis and other spinal disorders, I must commend you on your book Scolio Pilates. It’s well organized, concise, and most importantly it helps me wrap my brain around this 3 dimensional condition that is often a lesson in mental gymnastics.

Thomas L

K2 with prone elongation with Scolio Wedge

Thank You For Your Problem Solving Designs

Thanks so much for your problem solving designs and your innovative teaching!  The books, videos, workshops, and equipment have really helped so many clients in my practice already.

Gerolyn W Virginia

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Conventional management of scoliosis includes three options:

  1. Observation
  2. Bracing
  3. Surgery

Scolio-Pilates offers you a 4th option: Three dimensional exercise to move your spine towards neutral while strengthening to keep your spine aligned.

Studies from the 1950s onward have shown that exercise corrects scoliosis. [See our blog for a synopsis on three of these studies and information on how to find quite a few more].

So why is exercise not more widely recognized as an option for scoliosis?  Because the right exercises have to be used.  If a study looks at exercise in general, no benefit may be found, or worse, the scoliosis may be increased.  With the right exercises, studies have shown again and again that exercise is a viable option for handling scoliosis.

Scolio-Pilates is your guidebook to exercising with scoliosis. The book features Part I, describing the three dimensional changes with scoliosis, and Part II, with over 30 thoroughly illustrated exercises.

Scoliosis is a complicated subject full of twists and turns (literally). Scolio-Pilates breaks it down into steps.  Steps that correct alignment, de-rotate the spine before beginning an exercise, and demonstrate the best exercises to choose for maximum benefit.

Scolio-Pilates makes strong use of the Scolio-Wedges, Scolio-Rectangles, and Scolio-Triangles.  To see what they are and how they are used, Go HERE


Marguerite Ogle

None of this seems to daunt Karena Thek Lineback. In fact, what I like best about Lineback’s book, Scolio-Pilates, Exercise for Scoliosis a Proactive Guide, is that she takes you by the hand and boldly leads you through figuring out what’s going on with the curves and compensations of scoliosis. And she does it in a very personable way.”

“When you study Scolio-Pilates, you come out knowing what scoliosis is and how its curves manifest. And, you’ve been offered a systematic approach to working toward corrected alignment through creatively supported Pilates exercises. It is very much to Karena Thek Lineback’s credit that the tone of the Scolio-Pilates is so friendly, the information so well presented, and the visual aids so helpful that it seduces you into sticking with a detailed and complicated subject.” READ MORE…

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