Scolio-Pilates Handbook


Our Scolio-Pilates Handbook is created for your scoliosis home exercise program. It is also used in our free online Scolio-Pilates classes. Join us! And don’t forget your handbook!



The “Scolio-Pilates Handbook, Exercises You Can Do at Home” is designed to accompany the Scolio-Pilates Book.

Here’s what’s inside!

  • 22 new exercises that are not found in the Scolio-Pilates Book.
  • Notes pages for you and Scolio-Pilates Practitioner to write down reminders that make the exercises even more personalized to you!
  • Scolio-Dotty and Eyeball IT. You’ll see these two characters frequently throughout the book. They are there to teach you something important.
  • Fun Stuff! Coloring book pages and games. Yay! Check out the picture that we colored in the pics above
  • A Scolio-Glossary. Not sure what something means? We have a glossary to help you decipher some of the words we use in the directions for each exercise.
  • Resources. Wondering where to get more support for scoliosis? Wondering how you can help others with scoliosis? It’s all inside!

Additional information

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