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OsteoPilates, The Book, by Karena Thek

Exercises Are Well Explained

I feel so fortunate to have the information from your book to put to use.  It is easy to read and the exercises are well explained and since I am visual, I love that photos are included.

Susan S

Fractures that occur during exercise leave most people thinking that they have only strained their backs or overdone an exercise. In some cases, many tiny fractures can develop before a person sees a doctor about increasing back pain. The more tiny fractures that accumulate, the greater the deformity of the spine.

Karena Thek has devised a plan to make sure this does not happen to you. The four-part plan consists of: Safe movement for exercise and everyday living. Postural awareness. Diet. Medication. In this book, you will find safe movement guidelines and an entire exercise program of OsteoPilates designed to be safe for those with osteoporosis, to help you greatly reduce your risk of injury or debilitating fracture.

You will also find all the nuts and bolts of osteoporosis information necessary to combat this crippling condition. You ll learn what causes osteoporosis (perhaps you have a habit that is decreasing your bone density right now!), the effect menopause has on bone density, what dietary habits will help improve bone density, and which medications are available for increasing bone density.

There is much you can do to prevent osteoporosis and to decrease the negative effects low bone density can have on your life and well-being. OsteoPilates tells you what to do and how to do it.

A Note from the Author, Karena Thek:

I created OsteoPilates as a one-stop shop for everything osteoporosis but especially for safe exercise for osteoporosis. When diagnosed with low bone density, it is common for a medical doctor to instruct their patients to exercise. That directive needs to be expounded upon in that not all exercise is safe for those with low bone density. And that includes all low bone density: osteopoenia or osteoporosis. Regardless of the degree of your bone loss you are at risk for fracture. In fact, surprisingly, more (many more) fractures occur with women who have osteopoenia (the pre-cursor to osteoporosis) than osteoporosis.

OsteoPilates will be your guide to safe exercise. While it is very difficult to increase your bone density after menopause, exercise can improve your balance which will prevent falls; increase your strength and muscle tone which will decrease your risk of fracture if you do fall, and  increase your coordination which will also decrease your risk of falling.

I wish you the best of luck and don’t hesitate to write to me with any questions.–Karena

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“I was very pleased to see a younger woman representing osteoporosis and demonstrating the bone loss exercises. The DVD is visually very easy to follow and your cues are clear and easy to understand.” – Sandy Elkin, National Osteoporosis Foundation, advocate

“Karena Lineback has done an excellent job with her book, Osteopilates. I am a former Rockette and Broadway dancer, and as I near my forties, I find this infomation extremely helpful. Many of my Yoga students are menopausal, the precautions listed definitely apply to them. Karena has included some excellent recipes, charts dealing with calcium percentages, as well as guides to practicing at home complete with photos. The book is loaded with valuable advice and written in an easy, conversational style. Her many years of training in dance and Pilates shine through.” – Stephenie Lawton

“We don’t age we just grow up and change, a little…and with books like this one to help us we can get/stay in shape and make certain we support our bones at the same time. lots of good info. lots of step by step photos to illustrate the proper way to do the exercises. i am over 50 going on 19, i just fractured my elbow in a mountain bike accident, my ortho suggested 2 things to me, a bone density test and this book. after reading it i got one for my best friend and my mother as well.” – Barbara Adolph

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