Scolio-Pilates World-Wide: Module One Online

Live and Online!

Complexity and Challenge: There’s no better way to fight doldrums or burnout. Broaden your practice to include the infinitely interesting population of scoliosis. The best part about understanding scoliosis? You’ll understand all spines better. The asymmetries that are very evident in scoliosis can be found in many, many spines making your knowledge of asymmetrical assessment and exercise application useful to all of your clients. Join us for online education! Find the challenge you’ve been seeking!

I wanted to reach out and say thank you so much for such a great weekend. I feel so much more prepared for sessions with my clients after the seminar. And, I had a walk-in client with scoliosis today who booked three privates with me! I am hoping to keep her for 10 and use her for my case study for the Scolio-Pilates Mentorship! What amazing timing. I doubt I would’ve booked her without the info you gave me.

Brittany R

With students coming together in this online format, you’ll get to know your colleagues from all over the world as we learn, discuss, share and grow, from home.

Classes will be taught in their respective time zones on October 17th and 18th. Please see the time zone table and choose the workshop that is best for you.

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  • The handout: we’ll email it to you.
  • An uninterrupted 4-hour time block, both Saturday and Sunday.
  • Curiosity and questions!
  • Scolio-Wedges (3) or washcloths (3)
  • Theraband and yoga strap
  • Recommended books and scolio-meter are featured below (keep scrolling!)

Topics covered in Scolio-Pilates Module I

  • What is scoliosis? Who it affects and its effects on the systems of the body
  • Experience scoliosis! What it feels like to do Pilates with scoliosis
  • Anatomy of Scoliosis
  • Understanding functional v structural scoliosis
  • Defining the convexities and concavities
  • Theories and laws of movement that apply to scoliosis
  • The first 5 exercises for scoliosis

4 Master Instructors, 4 Time Zones, 2 Languages

Helen New
Melbourne, Australia

17 & 18 October
1pm-5pm daily

Receive 8 APMA and 8 PAA PDP’s from Helen’s course.

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Julie Selwood
Munich, Germany

17 & 18 October
9:00-13:00 daily

To receive continuing education credit, petition your certifying agency.

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Karena Thek
Madrid, Spain

17 & 18 Octubre
14:00-18:00 diariamente

Recibe 8 NCPT creditos por la clase de Karena.

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Suzanne Koucheravy
New York, USA

October 17 & 18
12pm-4pm daily

Receive 8 NCPT credits from Suzanne’s course.

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This course is run like a regular workshop, just online.

  • The course is a total of 8 hours.
  • The course material taught by all 4 instructors in the 4 different courses is exactly the same. 
  • The course is both Saturday and Sunday, October 17-18.
  • Each class is 4 hours long.
  • Choose which instructor and time zone you’d like to attend.
  • You will receive the login details to that specific course.
  • Be prepared to be on time and to participate in discussions and exercises (as you are able)
  • You will receive continuing education credits for the course in Australia, United States and Spain. No continuing education credits are offered for the course being taught from Germany by Julie Selwood. You can however, petition this course for continuing education. The course material in all 4 courses is exactly the same.
  • You will need to be online for the entire course. No exceptions.


“I love your approach and the way that you are teaching. Thank you so much!!” — Monste C.

 “Thanks so much for sharing Module I virtually!  I enjoyed the class and appreciate all your hard work and sharing your knowledge with us.  It’s a very difficult topic to teach but I can tell how passionate you are and your dedication to your clients is obvious.  I am looking forward to module II and someday meeting you in-person.  I have an extensive back ground in working with scoliotic spines.  I commend you for teaching on the topic!  I love the K2 and so do my clients! Thanks again for sharing your knowledge!” — Julie O

“It was so great! Thank you.” — Jeremy L

“Karena, it was terrific!” — Fran J.

“Thank you so much for yesterday’s class. It was great!  And it was also refreshing to do something so positive during this crazy time.” –Pamela W.

“Absolutely loving your course-over the top thrilled!  Thank you, Karena. I’m learning so much I never knew.” –– Linda B

“Your class and the videos have helped me so much, both physically and mentally during this quarantine.  I really look forward to class and I love how your fun personality is reflected in your teaching. So, thank you for your time to help me and all those people from all around the world! So cool! — Megyn D

“I just wanted to thank you for bringing your course online.  It was very interesting to learn about Scoliosis and very eye opening.  I hope to be able to continue learning from you and would love to be able to come and meet you in person.  Hopefully once we are done with  Covid, I can attend your courses in person.” –Zeyna S

“Thank you Karena!  I really enjoyed the workshop and am looking forward to Module II. See you tomorrow in class!” — Terese P

“Yay! Thank you, Karena! I loved the course. I would be definitely interested in doing Module 2 🙂 “ — Ivona B

“Thank you so much for helping me learn so much about myself! I definitely want to continue so please let me know when you have dates for the next module.” — Michele T

Recommended! (not required)

Scolio-Pilates, the book.  This is the professional manual with all the details on helping your scoliosis client manage their curves.

The scoliometer! It’s like a mini-level that helps us find the asymmetries when assessing a scoliosis spine.

The Scolio-Pilates Handbook contains detailed home exercises for your clients.

KarenaScolio-Pilates World-Wide: Module One Online