Karena hosts PBS special ‘Pilates for Healthy Bodies with Karena Thek Lineback’

pbs_logo_103008Airs nationally on your public television station through June 2011. Check your local listings.

In April of 2008, I was asked to host this public television special. The timing was ironic since the special focuses on helping people gain ease of movement and in April of 2008, I was laid up on the couch post back surgery.  But I guess the TV Powers That Be decided who better to talk about increasing mobility than a fitness professional who has experience with chronic pain.

I fell and hurt my back when I was 12 but went on to a professional dance career. Pilates is pretty much what kept me dancing. Pilates kept my muscles balanced and kept the spasms to a minimum. When life got hectic, I stopped doing Pilates and retired from dancing within the year due to increased pain. Shortly after, I got certified in post-rehabilitation Pilates and the rest is history. (continued below pics…)

We had a lot of fun filming the Pilates for Healthy Bodies special. Here are some images of us on location:

My passion remains in increasing mobility and increasing the number of good days that my client with chronic pain has. I would never pretend to tell anyone with chronic pain that there is a magic cure but I do absolutely believe that the number of good days can be increased dramatically. Any day that your brain (and not your body) dictates what you are going to do that day is a very good day. –KarenaThek Lineback

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Karena hosts PBS special ‘Pilates for Healthy Bodies with Karena Thek Lineback’

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