K2 Spine Wedge for Back Pain and Scoliosis | Part I

Professionals love the K2 spine wedge because it makes proper positioning of clients and patients easy. The spine falls with gravity into a more neutral alignment as gravity adds length, that length is also returning the spine to an improved alignment.

Clients love the K2 because it feels sooooooo good! There’s nothing like a little gravity-induced traction on the spine to release the tension that increases throughout our busy days. As our bodies work against gravity we try to maintain the best posture possible, but fatigue catches up with us by late afternoon and it gets harder and harder to maintain our best alignment. With the K2, it’s nice to be able to let the struggle with gravity go. As we let the struggle go, we actually allow gravity to do the work for us. Gravity pulls our spines gently downward for improved posture and alignment. Now all you have to do is relax and breathe. Nice.

This section, Part I, reviews some basics about the anatomy of back pain and how the K2 Spine Wedge can be a big part of resolving the issues of back pain and scoliosis. The elongation and ease the K2 lends to movement is going to make this a patient and client favorite.

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K2 Spine Wedge for Back Pain and Scoliosis | Part I