Exercises for Better Balance

As promised on the National Osteoporosis Discussion Board here are two exercises that will improve your balance. When you have low bone density, better balance will greatly reduce fracture. It makes sense, right? The better balanced you are the less likely you are to fall. If you don’t fall, then your fracture risk is greatly reduced. Try these two balance exercises:

1. All Four’s Balance.

Does it makes sense to practice balance on all four’s when we are not exactly likely to fall in this position? Yes, it does makes sense because it makes your balance muscles fire. It makes those balance muscles more likely to fire and work correctly when you are in a standing position.

Here’s how it’s done.

Kneeling on all four’s, lift your right hand off the floor just 2-3 millimeters. Once balanced, keep the right hand lifted and now lift the left knee 2-3 millimeters. Keep in mind that 2-3 millimeters is VERY small. If someone were standing across the room watching you perform this exercise they might not be able to tell that you have moved at all. Now put the right hand and left knee down and pick up the alternate side. Each time you lift a hand and an arm, hold for three seconds.

2. Standing Balance.

Standing next to a support (the kitchen counter is great), place your right heel directly in from of your left toes. Slowly, try to let go of the counter and see if you can maintain your balance. Keep your hand close to the counter or support, though. You want to be able to grab the counter if you need the support. Try to build up to 30 seconds of balance and then change legs.

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions. Karena

Exercises for Better Balance

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