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Welcome you to your new world of living really well with scoliosis.

Welcome to Scolio-Pilates On Demand. Now is your time to move, lengthen, and strengthen. Say goodbye to scolio-pain, stiffness, and days spent on the couch. Say hello to you, your family, your friends and all the things you love to do.

Welcome to your new world of Scoliosis Exercise NOW for the best scoliosis living. Classes are taught live every Thursday at 3 pm ET (New York, USA), or find your entire recording library here in the links below.

There’s never been a better moment than right now to get your life back.

Join us! Strong looks great on you!
Karena, Founder of Scolio-Pilates

Your Scolio-Pilates Recording Library offers:
1. Lessons to help you understand your scoliosis
2. Elongation for space and ease in your spine
3. Strength to help you maintain length and do more every day.


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