Side Bends and Scoliosis

Side bends (called Mermaids in Pilates) and scoliosis go hand-in-hand. It makes perfect sense doesn’t it? If your spine is side-bending in one direction it makes perfect sense to try to side bend the spine in the other direction. There’s one basic problem with that assumption… a scoliosis doesn’t like to move out of its current position. Therefore… when you try to side bend in the other direction, away from your scoliosis, the action of the side bend goes to the most flexible point of your scoliosis, which is not your scoliosis. That doesn’t mean side bending is impossible for scoliosis, it just requires a lot of focus. And it won’t look like your normal side bend. All the info you need is in the video below.

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Side Bends and Scoliosis!

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Side Bends and Scoliosis