Scolio-Pilates Warm-UP: Reset your spine before exercise

It’s time to do whatever you love to do. Are you heading out for a swim? A kayak? Planting the next most amazing plant in the garden? Whatever you are getting ready to do, get ready to ease your back into it first.

Don’t rush in and surprise your spine with a bunch of crazy movements that it wasn’t expecting just 5 minutes ago when you were sitting calmly and sipping an iced tea. If you give your spine a little warm-up, a little “Hey, we’re going to do stuff”, and then it will be so happy to join you on your next adventure; and, you’ll take it on with less pain, more mobility, strength, and dare we say, absolute spine joy! 

Try this 6-minute video to get you moving. You will thank yourself for being brilliant as always. Then your spine will thank you by letting go farther and do more!

KarenaScolio-Pilates Warm-UP: Reset your spine before exercise