Scolio-Pilates: Scoliosis Exercise Class 39

Welcome Back!

Sweet Scolio-Spine

Move together for strength! It’s a month of LOVE! While we may have neglected our spine in the past, no more! The spine carries us through every day, allows the arms and legs to work, bends, twists, flows — essentially allows us to live the life that we live. It’s time to appreciate that. It’s time to spend some time in love with our spines as we elongate to ease our sometimes stiff and sore spines. Join us! Strong looks great on you!

See you online! A special thank you to those of you who are able to contribute and to those who are able to attend live. Thank you!

Ready for more? Are you wondering why the Scolio-Pilates exercises are so specific? Are you needing even more information about the science of scoliosis? Join me for Scolio-Pilates Module I. It is the first in a series of professional courses. While the course is designed for the movement professional (Pilates instructors and physical therapists), everyone is extremely welcome. See you online again soon! More information about Module I is here. 

The Scolio-Pilates Handbook! We use this handbook as the source for many exercises throughout this workout. You’ll see these exercises in future workouts as well. And the good news? The handbook will remain on sale throughout the Covid-19 crisis.

Scolio-Wedges! Ready to “Prop what’s Dropped”? If you need advice on where those wedges go, don’t be shy! Reach out for a private Skype session with Karena. Together, you’ll be able to refine your corrections for an even better workout.

Scolio-Pilates: Scoliosis Exercise Class 39