Scolio-Pilates Scoliosis Awareness Month

Choose to do just one thing.

Use your words, pictures, professional skills, and even your magic beans to make scoliosis more visible. Why? Because your message could be the catalyst to change the life of one person living with scoliosis. They, like you, could be living with less pain, more joy, and infinite possibility. Here’s how you can do it. Choose one, or do all five!

Scolio-Pilates Scoliosis Awareness Month
Five ways to change the world for someone you probably don’t even know yet

  1. Tell someone about your scoliosis.
    When it’s appropriate, share that you have scoliosis. If it opens a door, share as much as is appropriate. Sometimes you can say, “That’s just not what I enjoy doing.”  Other times, when you feel it’s the right thing, you can say, “I don’t enjoy that because my scoliosis doesn’t enjoy that. But I’d love to do [fill in the blank]. This opens a small door without being dramatic or overwhelming.
  2.  Get educated.
    Knowing a little extra is being fortified a lot extra. Go to the Scoliosis Research Society. They have mountains of support resources for scoliosis. Have fun getting lost in the vast amount of education there.
  3. Create.
    Depending on your favorite social media or media tool, think about creating something to share. It could be an Instagram post featuring scoliosis. Or why not write a letter to the editor of your local paper? They still exist! Write about your scoliosis history and ask that it be shared for scoliosis awareness month.
  4. Wear it! 
    When you are out and about doing something super fun, wear your scoliosis t-shirt. People will see it. They will see you. Whether they say it or not, someone will be inspired that you have scoliosis, and you are doing it, doing life, being alive, and living really well. Here’s a t-shirt we really like. And here’s another. 
  5. Be the hands that help.
    Whether you begin with Scolio-School or Professional Course Module 1, we’ve had people just like you start with no Pilates education at all and move on to become Authorized Scolio-Pilates Practitioners. Watching people reclaim their strength with grace and gratitude through the tools that you will share with them is the essence of being alive. If we could all just turn the tv off and do that, what a world this would be.
Scolio-Pilates Scoliosis Awareness Month