Erin Finochio — Hamilton, Ontario

Location: Hamilton, Ontario

Through her knowledge as a Nurse and paired with her lifelong scoliosis journey, Erin has found that there are ways to embrace the challenges that come with scoliosis. After being active throughout her life, even when braced as a teenager, she noticed that with age, her scoliosis was getting her attention more. Being a certified Yoga instructor, the traditional poses and movements were only exacerbating the issues. Erin took the time to learn about and practice the Schroth method and yoga for scoliosis. As a lifelong learner, she realized there was much to discover about better ways to help those with scoliosis, including her two daughters. This led her on the path to Scolio-Pilates®, which she feels was the missing piece in the scoliosis journey.

It is Erin’s wish to empower those with scoliosis and other physical challenges through education of their own unique body and to help them discover practices to enrich their life. Offering private in-home or studio sessions, group classes, and virtual sessions in the Greater Toronto Hamilton, Ontario area. Erin takes into consideration the whole body and mind picture for each of her clients because there is more to scoliosis than just the spine.


Authorized Scolio-Pilates® Practitioner since September 2022

KarenaErin Finochio — Hamilton, Ontario