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US Task Force recommends against scoliosis screening

The USPSTF has composed a draft statement recommending that idiopathic scoliosis screening (routine screening to look for scoliosis) be discontinued for children 10-18 years. This draft has been published solely for the purpose of receiving public input. That’s us. So let’s begin. Important: this draft statement is open to public input through June 26, 2017, […]

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Observation and Scoliosis: Waiting for your curve to get worse?

Currently, in the United States, scoliosis is managed through: Observation, Bracing, and Surgery. Let’s talk about observation. When I talk to parents of children with scoliosis or I talk to an adult with scoliosis, many are in the “observation” phase. They are waiting to see if the scoliosis gets worse (the degree increases) and then, with their […]


Really Living with Scoliosis

This is a campaign we started about a year ago. We’ve been collecting pictures of people and their super-capable spines to promote a positive scoliosis campaign. That Yes, with scoliosis you can Really Live. You can have a full life, you don’t have to live in fear that pain will take your life away. Yes, […]

How will ScolioPilates help all my clients

How will Scolio-Pilates help ALL my clients?

I just received a GREAT question via email: Karena, How will Scolio-Pilates help ALL my clients?  I only have one scoliosis client, is this really worth it to me?  GREAT question! Scoliotic spines are just like the rest of the spines you work with. The only difference? They are an exaggeration of all those other […]

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Pilates Style Magazine Features Scolio-Pilates

‘A Solution for Scoliosis‘ Pilates Style Magazine features Scolio-Pilates® in “A Solution for Scoliosis!” Get started today with an easy-to-follow introduction to Scolio-Pilates®. You can begin at home. And you can begin now. The article is rich in detail and direction. Not to mention it features Gus T Scolio-Puppy on the article’s lead page. Because he’s refined… […]

Take a Peek! Excerpts to Scolio-Pilates Videos

Take a Peek! Free Excerpts to Scolio-Pilates Exercise Videos We’re excited, but really nervous too! Today we introduce full-length Scolio-Pilates videos. Just below, you’ll find 3 free 10-minute excerpts to all our 3 new videos. Want the full-length video? The links are on the videos and here.  We’re excited!   INTRO: C-Curve Scolio-Class INTRO: 4-Curve Scolio-Class INTRO: […]

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Full Length Videos For Scoliosis

Happy Scolio-Day! Today at Scolio-Pilates, we introduce full length videos for scoliosis. In addition to all the great exercise and instruction snippets you’ve enjoyed on YouTube, we now have complete 30-minute classes for you. 3 Full Length Videos for Scoliosis: Buy Here 3-Curve Scolio-Pilates Class: 30 Minutes 4-Curve Scolio-Pilates Class: 30 Minutes Buy Here   C-Curve Scolio-Pilates Class: 30 […]