Scolio-Pilates®: Pilates for Scoliosis

What is Scolio-Pilates®?

Free Your Spine with 3-dimensional exercise

Founder, Karena Thek, created Scolio-Pilates to be an easy-to-understand and easily accessible exercise program for managing scoliosis at home or with an instructor. Scolio-Pilates is a three-dimensional exercise program that utilizes:

  • Elongation to lengthen the spine towards neutral.
  • Breathing techniques to open up areas of the ribcage and lungs that are locked from the shape of the scoliosis.
  • Strengthening to maintain the alignment once a more neutral position is achieved.
  • Corrections using wedges where appropriate to assist the spine towards neutral.

Relying on the best research of our time, Scolio-Pilates has a strong breathing and fascial component that relies on the work of Chaitow, Bradley, Gilbert [authors of Recognizing and Treating Breathing Disorders] and Schleip [Fascial Fitness Expert,].

Realign, Elongate, Strengthen and Breathe.

Movement heals.

Scolio-Pilates: More Movement, Less Pain.

Before and after a two-week Scolio-Pilates Intensive

What your colleagues are saying about Scolio-Pilates!

“You are amazing. Absolutely love your teaching style, your presence, clear communication, kindness to all in the room, and your genuine nature. I love your organization of the [Scolio-Pilates] content in terms of body position (prone, supine, etc.)–it reinforces the information each time. I also love the sense of  ‘allowing’ of the body to respond first before applying exercises. One more thing– it was beautiful to witness your loving and respectful energies & touch to our male volunteer [with a significant scoliosis from a serious injury] especially but also to all of the ladies who volunteered. Thank you for sharing your passion.”  Nancy S., Virginia.

Scolio-Pilates®: Pilates for Scoliosis