Scolio-Pilates: Scoliosis Exercise Class 18 Login | Healthy Feet, Healthy Spines

Click to login. Begins promptly at 3pm ET (New York) on July 30, 2020

You said it best…

We have had such a great response to the online classes. Thank you! One of my favorite comments was this, because it shows how strong we are when we come together: “I thought one of our class members said it so well yesterday: She said she felt so good about sharing as a member of the scoliosis community. ” — Al L.

What you’ll need:
• A yoga mat or comfortable place to sit
• Comfortable clothing that won’t restrict movement
• Scolio-Wedges, if you have them (not required)
• An exercise band or yoga strap or old t-shirt
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What your fellow students have to say about class…

“I must be one of extreme many but just would like to say thank you so much for sending the recording link for the class – I wasn’t able to attend but look forward to following it myself. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job!” — Roma P R

“YES, I am definitely interested in more classes. I feel that this is the tip of the iceberg and I obviously need much more to really grasp the principles especially with a view to teaching. This is a great prelim which will help enormously when we have the chance for a face to face.” — Annette L

“Thank YOU!!! Just what we needed.” — Linda H

“Thanks, Karena. The class was fun and informative. It’s starting to sink in! Loved seeing Gus in his red chair.”— Cindy R

“I would absolutely love more sessions so thank you in advance.” — Cathy I

“YES! …This is a specific, thorough, and detailed introduction to your approach in real time.” — Allison C

“Thank you for today. I have been using the Scolio-Pilates Scoliosis Exercises You Can Do At Home for several months. It does inspire hope, builds strength and has improved my alignment.” –L R M

Tips/reminders for logging in to these classes:

  • Use a computer, tablet or Ipad with Windows 7 (or later) or Mac OS 10.8 (or later). 
  • If you want to be sure not to miss anything, plus into the internet as opposed to using WIFI.
  • If you haven’t attended our webinar before, give yourself plenty of time to login. I recommend logging in 20 minutes early to be sure that you can get to the webinar. It shouldn’t take you 20 minutes to login, however, we are talking about technology here, and it could take longer if any little thing goes wrong.
  • If you have any technical difficulties, we highly recommend you use the help button on the Zoom window.
  • To ask questions, look for the Chat box. I will take questions at the end of the exercise session. You can put your questions in the chat box or you can un-mute yourself and ask me live. Your choice!
Scolio-Pilates: Scoliosis Exercise Class 18 Login | Healthy Feet, Healthy Spines