Scolio-Pilates® Privates Classes and Intensives

The Scolio-Pilates exercises have been hard but she’s having fun with it. You make it fun and do-able. You have set her up to succeed. XO! Feeling good in your own body as a teen is so hard, especially when you have scoliosis. But she feels good in her own skin. Thank you!

Jenn M

Scolio-Pilates Privates Classes and Intensives

Our most effective and popular way of working together is together, in-person. Scolio-Pilates is a collaboration. It’s about learning everything we can about your curve and about your lifestyle so that we can give you the advice that will help you most. If you live too far away to come in for a weekly private consider doing what about 90% of our clients do: Join us for a Scolio-Pilates Intensive. However you choose to work together, we look forward to collaborating with you towards your strongest spine ever!

What’s the Difference between Scolio-Pilates Private sessions and intensives?

The difference is simply in the schedule. If you live close enough to come weekly for privates, then we can most likely have you independent enough to perform these exercises on your own after 10 visits. If you live far enough away that coming weekly is not feasible, then we like to work for several days in a row, several hours each day; this way we maximize your travel time and send you home with your home exercise program. Either way, our goal is the same: assess your curve type and find the best exercises for you that fit your schedule and lifestyle.

What can I expect from my Scolio-Pilates sessions?

During your intensive you can expect the following to be accomplished:

  • Assessment of your scoliosis curve
  • A system for wedging your curve towards neutral
  • A system for strengthening the spine once placed towards neutral
  • A system of elongation for your scoliosis
  • A system of breathing to assist movement towards neutral
  • Learn exercise(s) that you can do at home, independently of your Scolio-Pilates Practitioner.

The number of exercises you take home will depend on the following:

  • The length of your session(s)
  • What you need: Are you someone who likes lots of variety? Or would prefer 2 or 3 exercises to focus on?
  • Your personal schedule: When and how much time will you be able to commit to these exercises?

How long are the sessions?

It depends. Most of our private students begin with a 2-hour session/evaluatin and leave with an exercise or two that they can do on their own at home. After that, they schedule 60-90 minute sessions 2-4 times each month. It’s really up to your schedule.

For the intensives, most come in for 3-5 days. We work 2 hours in the morning, we have a 1-hour lunch break and then we work 1-hour in the afternoon. It works out to be a total of 3 hours of work each day. Which sounds like a tremendous amount, however, we have all levels of clients working on this same schedule. If it sounds too intense, then we can absolutely tailor the course to your needs.

How will I remember what to do at home?

Great question. After all, the most important thing will be for you to be successful with these exercises at home. There are three ways we make this happen:

  1. Take pictures! Using your phone, we can take pictures of you doing the exercises or of anything else that we are doing that will help you to remember how to perform the exercises correctly.
  2. Take videos! Same as the pictures. We’ll use your phone to take videos of you doing the exercises. You’ll be able to hear your practitioner in the video making the corrections so that you can apply the same corrections at home.
  3. The Scolio-Pilates Handbook and Activity Book. Your practitioner will make the Scolio-Pilates Handbook and Activity Book available to you, or you can purchase it here: . This handbook lists the core Scolio-Pilates exercises exercises and the details on how to perform these exercises.

Ready, Set Go!

When you are ready to get started, you can follow these steps:

  1. Find a Practitioner Here>
  2. Email your Practitioner from her/his contact page
  3. Schedule a time to work together
  4. If you are coming to the Scolio-Pilates, Scoliosis & Spine Center in Alexandria, Virginia or Oxnard, California, you can email Karena:
  5. Find more information here about working with Karena>
Scolio-Pilates® Privates Classes and Intensives