Scolio-Pilates Premium and Deluxe Camp Options

Your Scolio-Pilates Camp is a time to learn more about your scoliosis in order to live with more strength and vitality. Our goal for you is to simply Really Live with scoliosis. To return to what you love to do with more vigor, more freedom of movement, and yes, less discomfort. Also, we want you to understand your scoliosis, to have compassion for your spine and all that it is already doing for, and doing quite spectacularly.

They say, we are only as old as our spine feels, we look forward to helping your spine feel as spirited and strong as your resolve.  Join us, we look forward to helping however we can.

Your Premium and Deluxe Options Compared

Take Control and Register Now [cq_vc_colorblock image=”21895″ isresize=”yes” imagewidth=”333″ thetitle=”Scolio-Pilates Camp”]Premium | Deluxe

Includes a 30-minute private online session before camp along with the 11-hours at camp with two instructors for a maximum of 7 students.

($2200 Value)[/cq_vc_colorblock][cq_vc_colorblock image=”21893″ isresize=”yes” imagewidth=”333″ thetitle=”Online Scolio-School” textblockbg=”lightgray”]Premium | Deluxe

A self-paced online scoliosis educational course

($95 Value)[/cq_vc_colorblock][cq_vc_colorblock image=”21921″ isresize=”yes” imagewidth=”333″ thetitle=”The K-Fit Wedge”]Premium | Deluxe

The essential lengthening and strengthening tool created by Scolio-Pilates

($295 Value)[/cq_vc_colorblock][cq_vc_colorblock image=”21924″ isresize=”yes” imagewidth=”333″ thetitle=”Personalized Scolio-Wedge Kit” textblockbg=”lightgray”]Premium | Deluxe

Personalized to your spine, you will take home the wedges you need to move your alignment towards neutral.

( $150 and up: Variable value depending on your needs)[/cq_vc_colorblock][cq_vc_colorblock image=”21925″ isresize=”yes” imagewidth=”333″ thetitle=”Scolio-Pilates Books”]Premium | Deluxe

The professional manual and home exercise book with personalized hand-written notes by Karena Thek, founder of Scolio-Pilates.

( $90 value)[/cq_vc_colorblock][cq_vc_colorblock image=”21928″ isresize=”yes” imagewidth=”333″ thetitle=”Scolio-Pilates Video On Demand” textblockbg=”lightgray”]Premium | Deluxe

A one-year subscription to our large library of Scolio-Pilates full-length classes. Choose the class you need from gentle to strength-building or stretching

( $300 value)[/cq_vc_colorblock][cq_vc_colorblock image=”21931″ isresize=”yes” imagewidth=”333″ thetitle=”Scolio-Pilates T-Shirt”]Premium | Deluxe

Let us know your size, we’ll have your t-shirt ready for you!

( $30 value)[/cq_vc_colorblock]

[cq_vc_colorblock image=”21939″ isresize=”yes” imagewidth=”333″ thetitle=”K-Fit Wedge 3-Hour Seminar” textblockbg=”pinkrose”]DELUXE ONLY 

Learn to make the best use of your brand new K-Fit Wedge with lots of new exercises and ideas!

( $195 value)[/cq_vc_colorblock]

[cq_vc_colorblock image=”21893″ isresize=”yes” imagewidth=”333″ thetitle=”10 Scolio-Pilates Privates Lessons” textblockbg=”pinkrose”]DELUXE ONLY 

Continue working privately with Karena Thek, Scolio-Pilates founder after camp is over to keep your healthy momentum going.

( $2000 value)[/cq_vc_colorblock]

[cq_vc_colorblock image=”21943″ imageposition=”right” isresize=”yes” imagewidth=”333″ thetitle=”Ready, Set, HEALTH in 2022″]The choice is yours! We’ll see you at Camp! 

Premium Camp Deluxe Camp
Value: $3,165 Value: $5,360
Investment: $2795 Investment: $4,795
Savings: $370 Savings: $565

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KarenaScolio-Pilates Premium and Deluxe Camp Options