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Welcome back to Scolio-Pilates On Demand

Now is your time to move, lengthen, and strengthen. There’s never been a better moment than right now to get your life back. You’ll work towards ease of movement and more symmetrical strength in your spine.

Attend live each Thursday at 3 pm ET (New York, USA) for some newness! After the class, you can chat with the instructor about a specific exercise, your curve, or any scoliosis questions.

Have any questions? Check out our FAQ page. If you have more questions, contact our Scolio-Pilates On Demand assistant by clicking here.

Upcoming Classes 2022

November 17th Class 105: Fall on the Ball
Get out your 55cm ball and a smaller 14-20cm ball. We’ll use these to help us feel the opening of our hollows (concavities) and to strengthen and lengthen all our curves. The best part of the ball is that it provides just the right amount of movement to keep our spines active throughout all the lengthening techniques. It’s an automatic strengthener!

November 24th – No Class.

Scolio-Pilates On Demand Members draft