Lanel Hosomi — Vietnam

Location: Hochiminh City, Vietnam

I am a lifelong learner and a fitness enthusiast.

My career started as a fitness and nutrition coach in 2012 and as a Pilates instructor in 2013. My passion for injury prevention and rehab/post-rehabilitation exercise began when I myself was in debilitating injuries and recovered from all it.

In 2015, I gained post-rehabilitation Pilates certification and prenatal/postnatal fitness the following year. But my love for sports and lifting weights did not diminish. I became a certified personal trainer in 2016. The subsequent years to come I studied sports injury management courses. Those educational trainings gave me an in-depth knowledge to design exercise programs suitable for athletes and athletic level clients recovering from sports related injury, help them eliminate niggling pains/aches through proper movement patterns then strengthen and condition them.

From 2017, I began to work for an international chiropractic clinic in Hochiminh city. I found myself handling scoliosis cases more than I could imagine. Unsure if my past knowledge and research are enough, I looked for training specifically Pilates for scoliosis. I attended my first Scolio-Pilates training in 2018. The scoliosis cases ranging from mild, moderate to severe flooded my department. To gain more confidence due to the demand I joined the Scolio-Pilates mentorship program in 2019. It is such a great reward seeing patients not only improve their postural scoliotic curvature but also increase the quality of their life.

Lanel Hosomi
Corrective Exercise Specialist, Pilates Instructor, Authorized Scolio-Pilates Practitioner

Lanel Hosomi — Vietnam