Julie Selwood – Tuebingen, Baden Wuerttemberg

Location: Tuebingen, Baden Wuerttemberg

Julie was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 11. The physician told her mother, ‘If she doesn’t manage a professional career in dance, she may end up in a wheelchair!” As luck would have it Julie was a young determined dancer, and after the doctor’s comment, her mother supported her to aim for a dance profession on stage.

Julie went on to attend the Royal Ballet School (RBS) in London from 1990-93. During this intense period at the RBS, a metatarsal stress fracture sent her to Pilates for rehabilitation. After very successful results, Julie went on to practice Pilates whilst traveling to dance throughout Europe, China, and Canada.

“Pilates rehabilitation training for my stress fracture literally “won” me my professional career in classical ballet. Without Pilates, I doubt I would have succeeded in securing a position in any ballet company. Pilates gave me a chance to dance. I actually auditioned without having put on a pair of pointe shoes in over 6 months. When I was asked to put them on for the repertoire, it was completely okay because I was so strong and connected. That’s Pilates. ” — Julie

In 2001, Julie studied with Brady Wedmann from The Pilates Centre of Boulder, Colorado in Zürich to become a certified Pilates Instructor. In 2003, she founded and directed the Jules Pure Pilates Studio and went on to set up her own Pilates Teacher Training school in Zurich. Since then Julie has travelled teaching internationally including the artists of Dragone City of Dreams production in Macau and recently settled in Germany teaching these courses from her private studio.

Since certifying, Julie has been discovering the nuances of working with thousands of clients and how their bodies inform the path that she will take with them in their training. These paths have led her to take many specialized courses such as The classical Mat with Jay Grime, The Baby Chair with Mejo Wiggins, Round out your mat + Barrel Exploration with Blossom Crawford, Pelvic Floor and Women’s health courses with Carolyn Anthony,  TGS 3D- Thérapie Globale de la Scoliose en 3 Dimensions Formation and of course, Scolio-Pilates. Julie’s dedication to scoliosis has changed her practice immensely. She primarily works with scoliosis now and is also a Master Instructor for Scolio-Pilates, teaching Modules 1 and 2. Julie is a Nationally Certified Pilates Instructor.

“Pilates is a way of life. Teaching Pilates is a way to celebrate and preserve the graceful healing of mankind. With 28 years of experience in the method, it remains a personal passion!” –Julie

Julie is fluent in English, German, and basic French.

Authorized Scolio-Pilates Practitioner since 2015
Scolio-Pilates Master Instructor since 2018

Julie Selwood – Tuebingen, Baden Wuerttemberg