Menopause & Scoliosis

Impact of Menopause on Scoliosis It’s well-known that scoliosis is often monitored during adolescent growth spurts. However, fewer people are aware that menopause can also significantly increase one’s chances of

Scoliosis Awareness Month Live Events 2023

Scolio-Pilates Instagram Live Events   June is Scoliosis Awareness Month, a time to raise awareness and educate about scoliosis. It’s time to use your words, pictures, professional skills, and even

Embody your Inner Scolio-Mover!

Make the commitment today to embody your new you and be a Scolio-Mover and Doer, not a sitter and pain-er. How do you embody your resolution?

Sleeping and Scoliosis

What is the best position to sleep in when you have scoliosis? Here is some info and tips on how to get the best sleep with scoliosis.

Teens and Scoliosis

You are a teen and have been diagnosed with scoliosis. Learn about what next steps you should take as a teenager with scoliosis.

Scoliosis Treatment

Observation, bracing and surgery are the standard of care in the treatment of scoliosis, but there are other options to consider, like scoliosis-specific exercises.

Scoliosis Surgery

If conservative treatment methods are not able to reduce or stop scoliosis curve progression, scoliosis surgery is generally recommended.

What is Scoliosis?

What is scoliosis? The more informed you are about your scoliosis and your options, the more freedom you have to control your outcome.

Scoliosis Specific Exercise

To avoid pain medication, injections, and even surgery, physical therapy is not often your best option. Scoliosis-specific exercises will work with a person’s unique spinal curve pattern.

Scoliosis FAQ

What is scoliosis? Will it continue to progress? How should I sleep? Look at our scoliosis FAQ for all your questions.

Scoliosis and Bracing

Learn about scoliosis and brace and the different types of braces, and look at the guidelines for which degree of curve needs which brace.

Online Scoliosis Exercise Man and Woman

Exercise and Scoliosis

Exercise for scoliosis is conflicting. Learn about Scolio-Pilates and how to use it as a tool for your scoliosis management!

Adult scoliosis

Adults and Scoliosis

Adults with scoliosis? Learn about your options and how important it is to stabilize the curve and prevent the curve from getting worse.

Children and Scoliosis

Your child was just diagnosed with scoliosis. You may feel overwhelmed and frightened, having received conflicting information and options.