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Karena, that made me tear up. Thanks for who you are and for what you do! [Link to Blog]

Sheri W Texas November 27, 2015

Thanks for the blog, I too served as a Navy Nurse & did not go to war, but sent my corpsmen and  younger Navy Nurses to the first gulf war from Camp Pendelton. But the injuries from the more recent conflicts are more severe and no one truly understands the mental anguish of post-traumatic stress! So thank you for volunteering! I am no longer volunteering due to health reasons so I am grateful to you for your service! As the VA health Care System is woefully lacking in so manyand makes so many mistakes! So I am grateful to you for your service in Honoring those who served and have given so much and just want to live their lives!

Linda M November 27, 2015

Great, Karena. Keep doing your amazing work! You are definitely earning your legs.

Chris T California November 27, 2015

That was a very heartfelt letter that you sent out today and it really pulls on your heartstrings having a son that’s 26 years old. It must be very rewarding to be able to help in a small way for a person who is truly given the greatest gift to us as a country. I do believe that the price of freedom is more valuable than any Dollar amount that we could ever conceive. The soldiers know that freedom is worth everything to them even their lives. I am grateful every day that men and women dedicate their careers to our Armed Forces. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story.

Dianne A Florida November 27, 2015

Thank you dear Karena for sharing this with me! [on the blog, “What have you done to deserve your legs today?]. I think you are amazing and would love to be a part of your Veterans Project- what brilliant, tender and rewarding work. It is something So worth looking up in my neck of the woods too. They are amazing humble souls. I just hope I have earned my legs for this life time. Something to take a minute of my day to seriously consider.

Julie S Paris November 27, 2015

I know you’ve put your heart and soul into helping these soldiers and that is just awesome!

Diane P California November 27, 2015

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