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The Wedge-Wise Collection

Scolio-Pilates: More Movement, Less Pain.

Free Your Spine with 3-dimensional exercise | Realign, Elongate, Strengthen and Breathe. Movement heals.

Getting Started with Scolio Pilates

Do you have scoliosis? Does your child have scoliosis?

This video will give you a first-step look at what a Scolio-Pilates program can offer. And remember, our goal for you is to Really Live with Scoliosis. Please let us know how we can help. Karena and The Scolio-Pilates Team

Getting Started for Professionals

You are a professional in the field of movement and now you are ready for the challenge of your lifetime. See how Scoliosis will not only challenge you to be the best you’ve ever been but how you can give back by helping this under-served population. You need a challenge but scoliosis really needs YOU. Please let us know how we can help you on this very rewarding journey, Karena and the Scolio-Pilates Team

The WEDGE-WISE Collection

Used by The Mayo Clinic and Dayton Children’s Hospital.

All Our Specialties


Scolio-Pilates® is a three-dimensional exercise program for scoliosis. The program is designed to elongate the spine towards neutral with strengthening techniques to support the spine in its new alignment.


OsteoPilates™ is a safe exercise program (no equipment needed) for anyone with low bone density. Exercise safely and effectively with OsteoPilates™.


Neuro-Pilates® is Karena’s next book. She is currently accepting clients with Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Muscular Dystrophy and other neurological disorders. Each accepted client will receive 10 private sessions.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Muscle Imbalances and Scoliosis

After a 4 day intensive with Karena, my 11 year old daughter has been doing successful weekly SKYPE sessions. I am so impressed with the online instruction and what a difference it has made for my daughter. I’ve seen an increase in her confidence and excitement to see Karena weekly. She is able to  confide in Karena about changes in her curve and share new stories with her. She wears a brace 15-18 hours a day, dedicates 40 minutes per day to her exercises, and has weekly one hour sessions. I truly believe Karena inspires her!!!

Rebecca D Kansas

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