Scolio-Pilates: Where There’s a Lot of Hope for Scoliosis

Young or mature, braced or unbraced, fused or unfused, We know you are stronger than scoliosis, and we are here to help you prove it to yourself.

You Can Begin to Make Changes Today

Karena Thek, Founder of Scolio-Pilates
Proud owner of a 3-Curve Scoliosis

Have you ever been told, “There’s nothing we can do to help you?” Or, that, “We’ll just wait and see what happens”? How did you feel? Helpless? Scared? Anybody for angry? 

If it were any condition besides scoliosis, recommendations of exercise, diet, possibly medication would be made, making the “wait and see” advice so difficult to accept.

However, with the approval of your medical team, there may be something you can do now. You can find a way to move more easily, breathe more freely and find your strength. When you feel like control is taken away, it almost never really is.   

We stand behind you and your scoliosis. We are here to support you and the advice of your medical team. We know you are stronger than scoliosis and we’re here to help you prove it to yourself.

All Our Specialties


Scolio-Pilates® is a three-dimensional exercise program for scoliosis. The program is designed to elongate the spine towards neutral with strengthening techniques to support the spine in its new alignment.


OsteoPilates™ is a safe exercise program (no equipment needed) for anyone with low bone density. Exercise safely and effectively with OsteoPilates™.


Neuro-Pilates® is Karena’s next book. She is currently accepting clients with Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Muscular Dystrophy and other neurological disorders. Each accepted client will receive 10 private sessions.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Pelvic Precision Wedge in Vinyl with Karena Thek

Very Cool!  So many clients are coming to me from [Instructors} wanting them to “TUCK” I hate that word… But, I think this is a perfect solution!

Judy F Pennsylvania

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