The Pilates Golf Athlete E-Book

Golfers! Pilates will make you hit the ball, farther, straighter and with more strength and accuracy. Here’s why:

  • Pilates strengthens your core and allows your strength to come from your center, not your extremities
  • Pilates stabilizes the pelvis and shoulder girdles
  • Pilates balances both sides of your body
  • Pilates will increase your flexibility which will allow you more range of motion and more strength.
  • Pilates will help you make corrections to your body that you don’t even know exist. Once corrected, you’ll hit farther, stronger, straighter and more accurately.

USA Today documents how Pilates has helped pro golfers. Read Golfers getting into swing of fitness regimen

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What other pros and athletes have to say about Pilates:

Pilates is going to add five, six, seven…years to my career.” – Rocco Mediate; PGA Tour pro

Of all the professional athletes doing Pilates, golfers have adapted to it the fastest. Pilates disciples include David Duval, Annika Sorenstam and Kelli Kuehne. – USA Today

“Pilates has made me quicker, more explosive.” – Jason Kidd, NJ Nets, NBA

“I used to feel like crap after practice and games but not since Pilates. I learned to breathe through my muscles. My posture is better. I can run more fluidly. And I increased my bench workouts. I came out of the season injury-free.” – Ruben Brown; Chicago Bears, NFL

Strength and conditioning coach for the Texas Rangers, Fernando Montes began recommending Pilates to his players in the early 1990’s. Pilates helped the players gain strength from the center, or core, while “limiting the amount of stress on the joints. It gave them greater range of motion, and exposed some of their weaknesses.”

Kristy CooperThe Pilates Golf Athlete E-Book