Patti Green – Mesa, AZ

Locations: Mesa AZ, and Farmington NM

Owner of Ps Pilates, a home studio in Mesa, AZ, and Farmington, NM
Bachelor of Science in Education K-8, Bachelor of Science in Hearing Impaired K-12 from Bowling Green State University, Ohio.
Polestar trained and Stott Pilates Certified

It was Patti’s personal diagnosis of adult-onset scoliosis that set about her desire to become a Scolio-Pilates Practitioner.  She now devotes herself to educating and training others with this condition, utilizing the exercises of Scolio-Pilates that have helped her through her own pain and discomforts.

Patti continues to grow professionally through workshops and seminars and increases her networking with medical professionals.  Most recently, the 2023 Spine Conference at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Her specialty is working with children and teens with scoliosis in both private, virtual and group sessions.  This group’s needs varies greatly, from early diagnosis, bracing, progression stabilization to pre-op and post-op spinal fusion.

Drawing on her education with special needs children, Patti has successfully been able to educate and train developmental delayed teens in the Scolio-Pilates Method.  She has worked  with Down syndrome, Dyslexia, hearing impaired, and traumatic brain injury teens and young adults with scoliosis.  All with success.

Her studio offers private and small group sessions for all ages.

Authorized Scolio-Pilates Instructor since 2016

Patti Green – Mesa, AZ