Olivia Lerner – Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Location: Tunbridge Wells, Kent

My studio is New World Pilates, in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. I specialize in private lessons, for clients of all levels and abilities, on the full suite of Pilates equipment. A vibrant part of my teaching is also online, supporting clients far and wide, from Slovakia to San Diego!

I am certified in classical Pilates, the original method. The 1,000+ hours of training I completed covered the exercises created by Joseph Pilates, performed in their intended sequences, on equipment that most closely resembles what Mr. Pilates used in his studio. My certification is recognised by the National Pilates Certification Program, formerly PMA.

I am also delighted to offer Scolio-Pilates. I’ve seen firsthand how restorative and empowering this approach can be. Beyond a focus on pain relief, I foster in my clients greater control over their bodies, and optimism about the future. We work as a team, so you feel the work deeply in your body, and understand how to incorporate the corrections into daily living and sports. I’ve had rowers, runners, golfers, and gardeners report how much better they feel when doing physical activities with their enhanced knowledge. Finally, as a movement lover myself, I enjoy helping those with spinal asymmetries to feel the joy of movement too.

Authorized Scolio-Pilates® Practitioner since September 2022

KarenaOlivia Lerner – Tunbridge Wells, Kent