Amber Keyes– Claremont, California

Location: Claremont, California

I was first introduced to Pilates through the classical repertoire, as a form of cross-conditioning and injury prevention for dance and equestrian vaulting.

In 2006, I turned to physical therapy and a rehabilitative approach to Pilates, to help manage significant changes in my scoliosis.

This life-changing work led to pain relief, improved mind-body connection, and an increased level of knowledge about my unique scoliotic spine. When I began to discover exercises that addressed my scoliosis specifically, something clicked.

I started to become kinesthetically aware of how best to organize my spine and the other parts of my body, so that they can move well separately, and also as one unit.

Ultimately, I decided to pursue a career in movement re-education to help others like me harness power and strength in their own bodies.

Authorized Scolio-PilatesĀ® Practitioner since September 2021

KarenaAmber Keyes– Claremont, California