Pilates & Hypermobility, Webinar


Scolio-Pilates presents: Pilates & Hypermobility   Scoliosis and Hypermobility often go together. Some professionals would say that it’s the hypermobility of connective tissue that “allows” for scoliosis to happen in the first place. If we are going to understand scoliosis, then we need to understand hypermobility. Of course, not everyone with scoliosis is hypermobile, but

Module 1: Online


* EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT EXPIRES: September 12th, 2024 Welcome To Scolio-Pilates Module 1 This course is a building block and lays the foundation for the Scolio-Pilates Module 2: The Professional Seminar. You will receive a strong base in the anatomy of scoliosis to help you understand what is happening under the skin that creates the

Module 1: Online, English with Japanese translation

NOTE: This workshop will be held over 2 days to allow translation from English to Japanese. Dates & Times: Sat 2nd November 2024:  11am – 5pm (Japan)  |  1pm – 7pm (Australia) Sun 3rd November 2024:  11am – 4pm (Japan)  |  1pm – 6pm (Australia) Location: Online Language: English with Japanese translation.Instructor: Helen New, Scolio-Pilates Principal Educator Welcome To

Spinal Fusion Enhancement Webinar

Pre-recorded Webinar from June 2024 Scolio-Pilates® for spinal fusion before and after scoliosis surgery Learn how to best help your clients with spinal fusion after scoliosis surgery, whether they're preparing for surgery, recently post-op, or have been living with a fusion for years. We'll discuss some of the different types of spinal fusion surgeries and

Scoliosis & Breathing Enhancement Webinar

Pre-recorded Webinar from January 2024 Scolio-Pilates® for spinal fusion before and after scoliosis surgery   Scoliosis affects breathing, and breathing affects scoliosis. This can be for the better and, unfortunately, also for the worse. With scoliosis, the diaphragm fills into the misaligned spaces of the thorax and further encourages misalignment—a vicious cycle. If we can