Scolio-Pilates STRONG Episode 12

“Your classes have made such a difference for me! Even in this short time my pain levels have gone down, and my breathing is so much improved. Even my osteopath noticed a big difference in my last adjustment. He said my body felt much more alive. Excited to see where it can all take me!”

Let’s Get Started!
Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Enough space to lie down and stretch your arms
  • Loose fitting clothing
  • A yoga mat is optional
  • Water
  • Your can-do attitude!!

Welcome to our 12th and final episode of 2018. We focus on integrating some of things we have learned this year into a flow that combines several of our past lessons. We will warn you, sadly the audio is not as good as we would like it. There’s a background static that occurs here and there. We’ve tried editing it where we can. We also tried re-recording but what you will find is the best that the internet offers for today. We are back on the road traveling tomorrow so we can’t improve the audio for now. If there are parts you have questions about, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Watch the recording as many times as you’d like until January 1, 2019. And, as always, please let me know how we can help!

This class link expires January 1, 2019

Big changes coming! Thank you for being a part of Team Scolio-Pilates STRONG in 2018! We greatly appreciate your support. When we return in the latter part of 2019, please expect big changes in the video quality and format. We are working towards a more clear and precise video presentation for you. Stay tuned!

Scolio-Pilates STRONG Episode 12